Monday, November 17, 2014

Lets get started with WSO2 App Cloud

We at WSO2 Cloud team are working on improving the experience we are providing to the WSO2 Cloud users. During this effort, we try to provide clear instructions on using the various features available. Since we have two cloud services offered to the users, I'll be talking about the WSO2 App Cloud in this blog post.

As the first step, we published a set of tutorials with step-by-step instructions on how to do things in the WSO2 App Cloud. This included

  • Creating an application from scratch
  • Uploading an existing application
  • Editing your app with the Cloud IDE
  • Creating and using databases
  • Invoking APIs from your app code etc.
You can find those tutorials at

As the next step, we started working on a series of screencasts which shows you how to use different features in the WSO2 App Cloud. These screencasts go parallel with the above mentioned tutorials. We have published them in YouTube and also linked from the tutorials too.  So, you can use both of them to make your life easier. At the moment we have released four screencasts and we are in the process of releasing more. I'll list them here for your reference.

  • Create and deploy your first Java application to WSO2 App Cloud
  • Edit your app using the Cloud IDE

  • Edit your app using your favourite IDE

  • Upload your WAR file to WSO2 App Cloud

When you start using WSO2 App Cloud, go through the tutorials and these screencasts. If you face any problems, feel free to contact the WSO2 Cloud team via We would like to hear your feedback and improve the experience we provide.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

WSO2 Cloud - New kid in town

WSO2 has been performing in the cloud for quite sometime now. StratosLive was its first public cloud offering which was operational from 2010 Q4 to 2014 Q2. We had to shutdown StratosLive after we donated Stratos code to Apache (due to trademarks etc.). Now Apache Stratos is a top level project (graduated) after spending nearly one year in incubating.

We at WSO2 were feeling the requirement of a cloud which is more user friendly and more use case oriented. To be honest, although StratosLive had all WSO2 middleware products hosted in the cloud, a user needed to put some effort to get a use case completed using it. It was decided to build a new application cloud (app cloud) and an API cloud using the WSO2 middleware stack. App Cloud was going to be powered by WSO2 AppFactory and API Cloud by WSO2 API Manager. The complete solution was decided to be named as "WSO2 Cloud".

We hosted a preview version of WSO2 Cloud as WSO2 CloudPreview in October 2013. Since then we were working on identifying bugs, usability and stability issues, etc. and fixing them. This June, we announced WSO2 Cloud beta. It was announced in WSO2 Con - Europe 2014 in Barcelona.

You can go to WSO2 Cloud via the above link. If you have an account in (aka WSO2 Oxygen Tank) you do not need to register, you can sign in with that account. If you don't, you can register by simply providing your email address.

Once you are signed in, you will be presented with the two clouds, App Cloud and API Cloud.


WSO2 App Cloud

  • Create applications from scratch - JSP, Jaggery, JAX-WS, JAX-RS
  • Upload existing web applications - JSP, Jaggery
  • Database provisioning for your apps
  • Life cycle management for your app - Dev, Test and Prod environments
  • Team work - A team can collaboratively work on the app
  • Issue tracking tool
  • A Git repository per each application and a build tool.
  • Cloud IDE - For your app development work
  •  And more...

WSO2 API Cloud

  • Create APIs and publish to API store (a store per tenant)
  • Subscribe to APIs in the API store
  • Tier management
  • Throttling
  • Statistics
  • Documentations for APIs
Above mentioned are some of the major features of WSO2 App Cloud and API Cloud. I'll be writing more posts targeting specific features and hope to bring some screen casts for you.

Experience WSO2 Cloud and let us know your feedback..

Friday, February 21, 2014

WSO2 ESB answers the critics on its performance test results

Few months ago, big fuss was made via a performance blog saying that some of the performance stats published on WSO2 ESB are incorrect and flawed. WSO2 ESB team has carried out some investigations on these and published the latest performance test results based on their latest release WSO2 ESB 4.8.1.

You can find the official article at

There is an interesting blog post which explains why were the accusations made in the aforementioned performance blog post are incorrect and unfair. You can find it at

If you are too curious, following is the latest performance graph. Believe me, its worth reading the above two posts.

Oh.. I forgot to say, WSO2 ESB is the fastest open source ESB on earth :)