Monday, August 15, 2011

StratosLive - The most complete open PaaS from WSO2

StratosLive is the new, complete, open PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) from WSO2. It is powered by WSO2 Stratos which is a cloud middleware platform. WSO2 Stratos shares a common code base with WSO2 Carbon which is a middleware platform.

StratosLive was released on 18th of July 2011(Before that WSO2 had the Stratos beta which reached its EOL with the release of StratosLive). It is a public cloud deployment where you can create your account(tenant) and try it yourself. An important fact about StratosLive is you can try it for free. All you have to do is create an account with a "Demo" usage plan (Demo is for free). If you are interested and if you wanna make use of StratosLive more, you can upgrade your account to be eligible to use more resources such as bandwidth and storage capacity. You can select from SMB, Professional and Enterprise plans. More info about StratosLive usage plans can be found from Pricing Info

If you are familiar with WSO2 Carbon platform or if you want to try out WSO2 Carbon platform, StratosLive gives you that opportunity. Other than the features you find in WSO2 Carbon products, following are some of the new features you can find in StratosLive.

  • Tenant-specific logging - You can view logs related to your tenants activities
  • Monthly invoice and payment via Paypal - You will receive an invoice at the end of the month for using StratosLive. Dont worry, if you are using the Demo plan, you will not be charged a cent. If you are subscribed to other plans such as SMB, Professional or Enterprise, you will get an invoice. StratosLive allows you to pay the invoice via Paypal securely.
  • Usage meter - You can view your usage amounts of StratosLive.
  • You can login to StratosLive using your Google Apps account
Most importantly, StratosLive is a multi-tenant environament (yes, it is tenant aware).
So, go to Stratoslive, try it for free, if you are inspired (I'm sure you will), use it in your production :)

I will blog more about StratosLive soon.

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