Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fronting your Stratos service with the WSO2 LoadBalancer

Today I wanted to front the StratosLive Manager with the WSO2 LoadBalancer. I didn't have an idea on how to do it. Then with Afkham Azeez's instructions, I was able to do it. I thought of recording the steps for my and others future use. Following instructions will guide you to front any stratos service with a loadbalancer.

First you need to have the WSO2 LoadBalancer and the service (in this case WSO2 Stratos Manager).

Changes to be done in LoadBalancer
Find the loadbalancer.xml in the repository/conf folder.
Add the following lines under services tag.


This host name is important because it is going to be added to the axis2.xml of Manager.

Add the above host name to /etc/hosts file.

Changes to axis2.xml of Manager
First enable clustering .

Then set membership scheme to well known addressing - wka


Then set the domain as wso2.manager.domain. This is the host name added in the loadbalancer.xml.


Change the local member port to some random value, say 5000.


After setting the above parameters, start the LoadBalancer. Then start the Manager. When the manager joins the cluster, you will see a log similar to the following in the LoadBalancer log.

[2011-09-01 23:55:55,919] INFO - RpcMembershipRequestHandler Received JOIN message from
[2011-09-01 23:55:55,921] INFO - MembershipManager Application member joined group wso2.manager.domain
[2011-09-01 23:56:06,935] INFO - DefaultGroupManagementAgent Application member Host:, Port: 5000, HTTP:9763, HTTPS:9443, ACTIVE:true joined application cluster

Now you can try to access Manager's management console via the following url

Note that Manager is running on 9443. But we specify the port as 8243 because it is the port LoadBalancer is running. Then, the above request first goes to the LoadBalancer and then to the Manager. When you enter the above url in the browser, you can see this by monitoring the two logs of LoadBalancer and Manager.

NOTE: This is the most simplest scenario fronting a service with the load balancer.

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