Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Tomcat returns 400 for requests with long headers

We noticed this while troubleshooting an issue which popped up in WSO2 Cloud. We have configured SSO for the API Publisher and Store at WSO2 Identity Server. SSO was working fine except for one scenario. We checked the SSO configuration and couldn't find anything wrong.

Then we checked the load balancer logs. It revealed that LB was passing the request to the server i.e. Identity server, but gets a 400 from it. Then we looked the Identity Server logs to find nothing printed there. But, there were logs in the access log of the identity server which told us it was getting the request, but it was not letting it go through. Instead it was dropping it saying it was a bad request and was returning a 400 response.

We did some search in the internet and found out this kind of rejection can occur if the header values are too long. In the SAML SSO scenario, there is a referrer header which sends a lengthy value which was about 4000 characters long. When doing further search, we found out the property maxHttpHeaderSize in tomcat configs where we can configure the max http header size allowed in bytes. You can read about this config from here.

Once we increased that value, everything started working fine. So, I thought of blogging this down for the benefit of people using tomcat and also WSO2 products since WSO2 products have tomcat embedded in it. 

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